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A Mother’s Day rich in laughter, stories, silly pranks

A Mother’s Day rich in laughter, stories, silly pranks–all laced in love. Kids racing around, truths revealed, special gifts and tears. This mother is rich beyond measure as the celebration of motherhood melts into reality. An hour ago I watched my youngest son leave the nest for the big dream in L.A. Perhaps that is the true measure of motherhood….when they need you no longer. A bit tough to celebrate when his hug’s warmth is so fresh. And I am truly content that my role of ‘mothering’ has done its work and the four kids are grown, happy, and independent. And I celebrate this even though I do so through my tears. When I asked him if he would call me tonight and let me know how far he drove today and he shook his head no. And I laughed. Why? Because I am fine if he does or doesn’t call. I’m a mother. And I’m tough. And so very, very blessed. (I also know his 3 siblings will be calling and texting him all the way. And that is what truly makes me admire my kids: the way they love one another). Happy After Mother’s Day, indeed.


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