Ongoing Stories of My Soul

Look over my shoulder as I ponder life.

Busy or What?

Some folks who know me rather well, have indicated that I might harbor a slight symptom of Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I must admit I have a high energy level and tend to spin a lot of plates at once. And not just the ones I am eating from. (I’ll never get used to ending sentences with prepositions). I can be distracted easily by a piece of dust or a conversation in a restaurant three tables away. But I do accomplish quite a bit, albeit at the sanity of others. I call it mental, social, and physical multi-tasking. Others just say I’m like a pre-schooler on Red Bull. I like to think of myself as curious, random, and excitable. Onlookers have deemed me ‘freakin’ nuts. What do they know? Most folks have actually learned to keep up with my stories…even if I am telling three at one time. My grandkids are used to my stopping in public to talk to total strangers, former students, or myself. Perhaps you have a friend or family member who is ‘busy’ like me. I would like to have a parade to celebrate our uniqueness, but it would wander for days and we would all be bouncing off this float and that, and stopping to try out the band’s musical instruments, and visiting with the spectators. It would be a catastrophe. Sigh. My point of this pondering is that I accept the fact that I am the hummingbird and not the regal eagle. I cannot glide across the pond with the grace of a swan. Nope. I am more like that annoying crow that squawks and dives and is shooed away by old women with brooms. I mean, I’m an old woman with a broom, but oh, never mind. Well, I need to finish this up as I just remembered that I need to start three projects for church, write seven letters, fold two loads of laundry—all while I am talking to my sister on the phone. I have tried to tame these demons. I wrote these quotes on two lovely china saucers that said: “Plant stillness. Harvest calm.” They are at the end of my bathtub. I am sure that I will read them and meditate on their meaning, as I relax in my luxurious tub of bubbles. Oh wait! I forgot! I take showers. Oh well. I have always liked hummingbirds better than swans.


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