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Look over my shoulder as I ponder life.

Decorating With Clutter

Is anyone else out there drowning in clutter? Off-loading one stack of memorabilia for another, and tripping over boxes of photos that depict smiling folks who are laughing at me for keeping those silly shots for all of these years. Sigh. Why do I keep this stuff? I have no hope of being on the ‘Hoarders’ T.V. show because I don’t have that much stuff (in one place) and nothing in storage that is going to generate a lot of strangers casting lots on my lot. Huh?

I am just your typical mother/sister/daughter who has great difficulty parting with the past. And donating odds and ends of this and that just might eclipse that Future Great Project which calls for     buttons, ribbon, glass apothecary jars, felt, well you get the idea.
Creativity is a burden. I see hope in a broken crayon. I can visualize an ugly, black, garage sale chair being repainted white and trimmed with ribbon and tulle– fit for decorating a bridal dressing room. Floral foam can be re-tooled into a nose for a rocket. Scraps of fabric can beautify the most gruesome eyesore. And seriously, how can anyone throw away Christmas decorations in July? Even Wise Men planned ahead.

But here I sit. Typing  a blog, wanting to take a nap to escape the stifling heat, while the clutter reproduces like spores on a moldy rag. Max, the Really Not Right Rescue Dog is chewing on a bone, yet sneaking in bites of a book I just may read. Tomorrow. And no, it’s not a copy of the Reader’s Digest, although if I am not careful, it will be digested by Max. Or buried by Harper, the Expert Sock and Underwear Handler Canine. All of this clutter to chew on…so little time.

Can you see that I have a lot of work and no energy to even fake progress? Tell me you are doing the same thing. Taking a break to read over my shoulder, when we BOTH know that this stuff is not going to organize itself. I bought work gloves to help me out, and they have not done one damn bit of work! They just lay there next to a box, bringing no end to this madness. These gloves should have been labeled ‘Hardly Work at All Gloves’. Hmmm…maybe they are perfect for me…these hands are hardly working at all, either.

Maybe I can start a new blog entitled: ‘Decorating with Clutter’ or ‘Therapy Through Rummaging’ or how about this, ‘How to Burn Calories While Sorting Photos’? I might contact Apple to see if they could create a ‘De-Clutter ap! Am I on fire or what??
I had better get in a quick nap so I can sort through that old ‘under the bed’ storage box of the seventies. Tye dye is making a comeback! I so hope I have inspired you to get back to sorting through those boxes. After all….you really need to get rid of that stuff!