Ongoing Stories of My Soul

Look over my shoulder as I ponder life.

Sleepless in Naptown

The title says it all. It is 3:42 a.m. and I am awake. This is not a good thing. I kinda knew that crawling into bed at midnight with a head full of  ‘to do’ lists, anxious thoughts, and the day’s replay of phone calls would result in this. But I tried. I boarded that train that takes one to sleepy town…but seems I got derailed. So what now?

Oh. I know. I’ll get up and bother you! I am sure you have had nights, er, mornings like this. Why can’t telemarketers call me now? Who knows? Maybe I could understand someone from India calling themselves ‘MaryAnn’ or ‘Roger when we all know her name is ‘Hova’ and his is ‘Patel’. Even “This is Rachel…I’m calling about your credit cards” would be okay if Rachel wanted to discuss the Olympics, the Tom and Kate breakup or if we’re going to get a break from this drought. I’m open! And why can’t that annoying guy with no muffler on his Ford 150 go truckin’ by when I am NOT sleeping!

This would be a stellar time for the dogs to need to go out. But no. They are ticked that I turned the light on and woke them up. The cat has nothing but contempt for me as I seemed to have kept the little princess awake. I think she purred “Good–you’re going into another room!” as I exited her bed.

Sigh. So….ya wanna play cards? Scrabble? Fold laundry? How about getting our tax return info all sorted and such a tad early? Oh   I know…we can address our Christmas cards! Or update our address books? I have dead people in mine and folks I haven’t heard from since a couple of my divorces. Hmmm. Got it!! If you are awake at this gawd-awful hour then maybe we can make prank calls. Remember those days—before caller ID—and Homeland Security and you could close your eyes, point to a number in the phone book and call some helpless soul with a stupid question or phrase? Oh, come on, you know you did it at least once at a sleepover when the ‘Truth or Dare’ girls showed up.

Yeah. No good. We’re mature adults. I can’t read the small print in my outdated white pages phone book anyway. I think maybe I will just log off here and exercise, and maybe organize the spices in my cabinet. You know what is going to happen. My ‘second wind’ is gonna die down any minute and absolute, unforgiving need for sleep is going to invade every cell and tissue in this old body.

Until then, I will keep you occupied with my gift of gab….ooh sorry, I’m yawning…and I will tell you about the time…x8mdy!rmf oh, sorry my hands must be falling asleep, uh..what was I talking about? Hmmm…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ya mind turning off the light?