Ongoing Stories of My Soul

Look over my shoulder as I ponder life.

It’s Your Blog!

What’s on your mind?

Yeah…I decided that this blog would be about you. “About me?”

Uh huh. I’m bored with me and so I decided I would push the laptop your way and let you “ponder YOUR life while I look over YOUR shoulder.” That’s okay isn’t it? I know you’ve been pondering. Sure haven’t been cleaning or exercising or saving money. OOOPS! This is not about me…it’s your turn. Sorry.

So…up to any good dreams? Witty comebacks? Biting putdowns?Oh me too!! Still dreaming to get published, thin, rich, romantically involved, have obedient dogs and a forgiving cat, to have a clean garage and organized closet. My comebacks are pretty uninteresting and putdowns kinda rampant; putdowns which aren’t going to get me a Sunday School ribbon. So..your turn.

Read any good books lately or seen any movies? I started a trashy romance novel and thought about popping in the VHS tape of  “Pretty Woman” but realized I need a T.V., an old time connector and a VHS machine. My video library is pretty outdated. Much like me. But YOU! I am sure that you have a life filled with adventure, intrigue, and an overload of opportunities. Or is that an overload of laundry and the intrigue is trying to figure out who left the Sharpie pen in the load of white clothes?

I’ll just bet you have recently returned from a lavish vacation and probably toured many isles.  I returned from the Coast of Walmart and explored many aisles looking for my sister. Didn’t need a passport for that or any vaccinations. Although, I gotta say…some of those folks at WalMart make me want to be vaccinated from a disease called ‘WalMart-itis’. Glad I don’t shop there very much. Afraid I’ll start looking like some of those folk. Okay….who out there said, “You already do.” Uh huh. Should have left that sister there.

Well, this may be the most boring blog ever. I thought sure you all would jump right in and take this ponder-ance to a whole new level. But maybe you are reading this blog because your life is as eventful as mine. We kinda amble through our routines, noting this and that along the way, and hopefully smile when the sun goes down. Boring is really okay. Adventure is, well, overrated. Like being thin. And rich.

Sigh. Well next time you sit at my laptop feel free to spice it up and share some good dirt! And I don’t mean from your bag less vacuum.

Until then…take care of YOU and never forget to giggle. Pondering can really tax those cranial neurons! See why I put it all on you? My thinker was thunked.

But I will tell you this. While you were busy with this blog, I really did see who put the Sharpie in the white load. Yeah…lucky me. Now I’m in the Witness Protection Program and I have to start looking like folk at WalMart so I won’t get caught.

See what you got me into?