Ongoing Stories of My Soul

Look over my shoulder as I ponder life.

I’ve Fallen for Fall

          Autumn. Fall. This is my season. “Colors of the wind” could honestly be the tag line for this time of year. The sweaty, draining heat of summer has exited and the brisk coolness whispers to my heart. The Creator decorates every tree and shrub with a coat of many colors, but bids us to look quickly; the loveliness will soon fade.

         All my life I have loved the change of seasons. And living in Indiana serves up all four. There is not one season that I do not like; however, fall has always owned my heart. The campfires and hayrides, falling leaves, and warm sweaters give my senses such a workout! And of course…there are holidays to frame my joy!

          Columbus Day. My fifth graders would bring to class sailing vessels to test the laws of buoyancy. Sailboats, canoes, rafts, etc., would hit the water as the craftsman watched his or her vessel with anxious eyes. Would it capsize? Could it hold twenty or more pennies? And we sailed right through basic scientific principles, and mastered them without–guess what–a test! Rich history sailing right before our eyes, full of wonderment and curiosity.

         And then there’s Halloween….this author’s favorite holiday!! Yep, I can remember counting the days until ‘Trick or Treat’ but never for Christmas. I love dressing up and pretending to be someone else for an entire evening! Many folks don’t know this…but I still go out with the grandkids and trick or treat. In costume. With my bag. Lining up with the kids, eager to collect the loot. I can accomplish this feat, because in feet, I am only four feet, ten inches tall. I cannot change lightbulbs or paint ceilings, but I can outfit myself in a gorilla costume and collect the candy!! Of course the grandkids think it is kinda cool that I go out with them…and we all know I am just doing it for them. And chocolate.

        Autumn became my season of love. Once upon a time, many years ago, fall found me standing on a bridge in Paris, Indiana, with the man I loved. We had been there five years earlier, and now he was  carving our initials in the wood. Taking in the lovely hues of the forest, I spun around to see a box with a diamond ring sitting by our initials. I was beyond surprised! That October became my season of promise.

         Thanksgiving always calls to this soul to take a personal inventory of blessings. I do the best I can, but I keep losing count. Too many works of wonder, ‘little victories’, and evidences of love. Moments upon moments unfold…and giving thanks cannot keep up with the gifts. Same with you? This holiday is so much more than a big dinner. It is a feast of wonderful memories and experiences that are shared with those whose fingerprints cover our lives. A banquet of the soul, if you will.

           Fall may be foreboding for some; a precursor to cold weather and gloomy dispositions. It may give way to a guy you really don’t want to welcome: ole man winter. But I beg you to envelope the loveliness of God’s handiwork…and savor the flavors of apples, pumpkins, warm cider. Of the warmth of family and colorful memories of close friends.

            And just maybe…you too, will fall in love with fall.