Ongoing Stories of My Soul

Look over my shoulder as I ponder life.

‘Stories of My Soul’ FOR SALE!

Dear Readers of My Blog:

First of all, thank you for “looking over my shoulder while I ponder life” in this blog entitled, “Ongoing Stories of My Soul.”

You are both brave and kind.

At the urging of my family, publisher, and checkbook, I am letting you know that if you would like to purchase my book, ‘Stories of My Soul’ which was published in 2007. It is available for the cost of $15. If I need to mail it to you—or to someone else, the cost is $17.

This might be just the gift you are needing for that special individual. I would be pleased to write a personal message to that dear person, if you so desire.

A book is usually more welcomed than Chia Pets or ill-fitting  underwear. Or, maybe more than an ill-fitting Chia Pet. Sigh.

Just contact me at: if you are interested.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!