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You Might Want to Pass on this Blog….

Hey! Have you ever had a certain word walk across your neurons and take a seat on the park bench of your brain? Oh…you haven’t, huh? I will repeat what I have shared before: words are my best friends…numbers not so much. So every now and then a word will get stuck in the crevices of my gray matter for reasons I can’t explain. It might be that I am highly intelligent or suffering early onset dementia. Or that I am just odd.

The word that has been haunting me the last few days is: pass. Now it all began with a family member trying to pass a kidney stone. Hmmm. Why is it that kidney stone has to be ‘passed’? Why couldn’t the medical community dress that phrase up a bit and said that stone must be: eliminated, excreted, exited, transported to the bladder via the excretory system. But, pass?  Is that like passing a note in class? Going around a slow moving vehicle, receiving a thrown football, trying to flirt or steal a kiss, a note from a teacher granting permission to go to another class, or give up making trump in euchre. Or what about in the wild west, when the cowboy would take the mountain pass, or today, as we take the overpass to work. What student does not pray in school for the grade he/she covets when the test is –yep you guessed it–passed back! And who doesn’t like those ‘E-Passes’ at Disney, which allows you to move to the front of the line quickly. Or the delight of everyone in the male gender: passing gas. See how many ways we use the word ‘pass‘? Heck, there was even a game show entitled, ‘Password’. And if you’re Jewish, I know you are thankful for Passover.

Are you still awake? Or have you ‘passed out’ by now? HAHAHA! Umm…sorry. I couldn’t pass up a great pun like that. I know–you want me to pass the salt just like I want you to pass the test. And it is flu season so don’t pass your germs to your family, friends, or co-workers, otherwise you will miss your concert and forfeit your backstage passes! I am just too funny.

Sigh. I have played with that word, looking at the word: pass and its many meanings and connotations. I am sure that my silly neurons are missing some cool expressions using this short word. But time is passing by and I am getting pretty sleepy. So guess I will just pass on furthering the blog.

Oh wait! I just thought of a joke I can’t pass up:

        Q. What do you call a negative person when he is passing
              another car in traffic?
        A. A ‘passimest’!

And to think this all started with passing a kidney stone.