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Look over my shoulder as I ponder life.

Blogging From the Laundry Room of Life

Blogging is interesting, I am finding this out. I sit here writing to an unknown audience and dump my various thoughts, adventures, opinions, and mishaps into cyberspace. I do have tools and gadgets to track my page views, the type of connection folks are using, such as Facebook, ‘Chrome’, Safari, etc. So far, no one is using a tin can and string, or a device similar to what E.T. used to “phone home.” My stats do reveal the various countries my page views are from, and I am baffled that 23 folks in China are seeing this blog. Are they reading it? Ummm, I can only hope. Now…that statistic of ‘one’ in the Ukraine, France, Germany—-yeah that’s like the guy who pulls into the wrong driveway. They are lost.

But still it is quite entertaining and rewarding to read the comments. Some are from former students, parents, co-workers, distant family members, and of course, from my sisters and my own children. I look so forward to comments, and to realize that in the lifetime of my blog, over 7,000 folks have looked over my shoulder to read what this soul has pondered. Who knew?

It is hard knowing what to write about that will appeal to YOU. I try to be chatty and a bit humorous, but a blog is a bit like doing laundry. Stay with me on this. I sort through my experiences and make piles that might interest my readers. Then, I attempt to write stories that are light–like the white load. But then, things go awry in life, and soon my words are revealing sadness, just like a dark load. And the way I see it, you may have quite enough darkness and sure don’t need me to lead you into another foreboding laundry room. Perhaps, those are the blogs in which I hang you out to dry. I’m truly sorry. Don’t I wish I could supply fabric softener to all of our lives so we come out soft and aromatic. I know that many days or evenings, you wish I could shrink some of my ramblings. The shorter the better. Sigh. I am short in all ways but that of conversation. But then, you know that.

Well, I am going to leave you now. Those folks in China need a break if they are really translating all of this drivel. And while this may be a blog in which you scratch your head and ask, “What in Heaven’s name, was the point in all of that?” I can say with great confidence, and assurance: “I have no idea.”

I promise the next blog will be dried, folded, and placed neatly in the basket or on hangers. But I will not put them in your dresser. I have no business in your drawers.

Better blogs are coming. I promise. Just in case that one guy from the Ukraine makes it to my blog, I want to leave him something profound and life changing. Okay…so this one wasn’t it.

Maybe next time. Ooh–gotta go! The buzzer just went off on the dryer.


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