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This Is What Dreams Are Made Of?

Dreams. What do you think of when you hear that word? That subconscious far-off place we wander while we slumber? An imaginary goal that somehow begins to own our soul? I am sure the this word conjures up various meanings for us all. But have you ever dreamt about ordinary objects becoming, well, dream-like?

Okay. So today, this random self decided it was time to get organized, and I would start with my underwear drawer. What better way to spend a three day weekend than putting socks, granny panties, and brassieres in an orderly pattern. (Guess I just made this blog a bit too graphic. My bad.) Anyway….I set out to find some of those drawer dividers to make this a serious-I-am-not-kidding project. And then….my dreams began. Sort of.

I took these dividers out of the box and was quickly informed that these were no ordinary dividers: these were Dream Drawer Dividers. I’ve gotta tell ya now…I have dreamed of many things in life….drawer dividers aren’t one of them. Now perhaps I have divided my dreams but never once did I ever utter, “I am dreaming of Dream Drawer Dividers.” Not once. Perhaps this is why my life is as exciting as cold oatmeal.

But I got to thinking about ordinary stuff which has the word ‘dream’ attached to it. You know, like a Dreamsicle (yum), a dream vacation (not to be confused with four kids in a mini-van for sixteen hours), a dream date (not the prune kind), a dream job (umm…my dream is not needing a job!), a dream home (one that is paid off so I don’t need that dream job), dream team (ummm I don’t follow sports but I guess that is where that one would go) and many more that I cannot dream up right now.

Remember dream sequences in film? Yeah….I think my first realization of how that worked was with soaps. I was a big soap opera fan growing up. Watching: ‘Love of Life, Edge of Night, Search for Tomorrow, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, the Young and the Rest of Us’ (as my son, Matt, called it), and so on. Yeah, I would buy into all of that melodrama and then the screen would get wavy and smokey and the storyline would have been a dream. Really? I skipped school on Monday so I would not miss a detail– thinking Maude had run off with Claude only to find out it was all one of Maude’s dreams? Claude is confined to a coma for the next 1500 episodes so he is running nowhere! How unfair to play with a viewer’s sense of reality. Maude…you are such a fraud.

And dream sequences in literature have absolutely ruined kids for becoming authors of great writing. There is nothing more disconcerting then reading a decent little story of a student and to be smacked with the line: “And then I woke up. It was all a dream.” Seriously? A good plot, action, characterization, and then it resolves in a meltdown of a puny dream? Poopy doo. I taught you better than that.

I’m going to cut music lyrics a break. After all….dreams and music are a bit like hands and gloves–they go together. Besides, ‘I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas’ is a personal favorite. So there.

Okay. Maybe I am over analyzing this dream stuff. I guess I just consider dreams to be that lofty staircase to personal fulfillment–not to be diminished by being the name of some toilet tissue or mattress. Or worse yet: drawer dividers.

Well….I am off to dream of dividing my drawers with utensils that are not at all ordinary but are DREAM DRAWER DIVIDERS.

I truly hope that sorting my socks and such does not become a nightmare. I would hate to return the DDD (dream drawer dividers) to the store and say they just weren’t what I dreamed they would be.

They never have issues like this on ‘Days of Our Lives’. Maude wouldn’t dream of it.


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