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‘Current Events’….Remember That Assignment?

Back in the day, when I was a bored eighth grader, enduring History class, someone decided that students should be saved from the past. To prevent us from languishing away with boredom while we read about the Trans-Continental Railroad, Pony Express, Lewis and Clark Expedition, our knowledge was infused with a new topic: current events.

At least once a week, we shared articles from the newspaper (you can google that if you don’t know what it is…) reporting on the happenings around our city, state, and nation. Umm yeah. We were not thinking too globally. Plus, most of us from the Brightwood area did not have passports. Nope. We were scrounging up bus fare, gas money, and pop bottles to trade for refunds. But I digress.

So…’Current Events’ was the new cool thing in education–along with an overhead projector– which I loathe to this day. So, I was thinking about the ‘current events’ in our world today and decided I would highlight these here and offer some of my solutions and thoughts to these issues.

Sequestering of our government: This is easy. If my kids did not get their homework done, after several chances at the dining room table, they were sent to their rooms until it was done. No T.V., snacks, or discussion. That being said, each of my four kids developed a work ethic and personal sense of accountability. Yet, they also learned the power of compromise and the benefit of being open-minded. I always taught my kids that no matter if it is a preacher or a president, each one brings a gift to their podium. Now…you may have to look hard in some cases, but it is there. And somehow this government must complete the work we have chosen them to do. Even if we have to send them to their rooms. But I would like to think that adults can pull the rope in the same direction to move us to a better place. Game over. Get it done. Listen to the one in charge.

Gun Control: I have my opinion on this one, but thankfully, I don’t get to vote. I believe that only individuals who have buried a family member gets to have the final say on this one. Let those folks who have lost a loved one, due to a firearm, decide on how guns should be controlled. Let this group of individuals legislate if assault rifles/ammunition should be available on the internet. They are the ones who have ‘victim’s family’ tattooed on their souls and walk around with a sense of loss and hopelessness. Let us listen to their stories. My son is a cop. He is armed. And knowing he is both the hunter and the hunted, haunts this mother. I pray I never get the right to vote, based on my thinking here.

Weather: I live in Indiana. Need I say more? We could call it the ‘diaper state’ as it changes constantly. But I thrive on the change of seasons. I also thrive on the change of stations, selecting the newscast that does not create such fear and trepidation in the hearts of Hoosiers. Oh wait! I don’t have a television and there are no newscasts which don’t sensationalize the weather forecasts. Here is how I play it: I look out my window. If there is snow, I think: BS. Bundle up and shovel. If it rains and storms, my radar indicates: Up Yours. That means….your umbrella needs to be up. And mine, too. If it is sunny and hot, I had better: Get Naked. Oh not really. I just wanted to see if you were still reading. But these hot flashes can be wicked, so maybe…Okay. I’ll just stay in the AC. But my point is this: it is just weather. Use some common sense, start out early or stay inside. And if the weather gets really bad hang onto this cool quote: “Sometimes God quiets the storm; sometimes He lets the storm rage on and quiets the child.”

Most Other World Problems: I may not have solutions, but I can almost guarantee it is caused by one word: greed. Fix that one, and it will be amazing how stable this planet will become.

Okay….this is my meager offering of ‘Current Events According to Debbie’. Blame it on my 8th grade teacher, Mr. Ayres. He also forced me to spell ‘Czechoslovakia’ which now goes by the ‘Czech Republic’ and is so much easier to say and spell. Teachers!

Oh….and those old, outdated historical events I mentioned in the first section? Those became just a few of my favorite topics to teach in U. S. History.

And don’t you dare say that is because those were MY current events! Or you will be sequestered in your room with no weather reports!


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