Ongoing Stories of My Soul

Look over my shoulder as I ponder life.

Dear Grandchild-Not-Yet-Born,

My Dear Grandchild,

      Well, let me begin by saying that you are grandchild number ten who has/will stolen my heart. I only know you in dark and white ultrasound photos, but no matter, you are ours and you are loved already. I get the report of doctor visits, ever thankful, that your emerging life is following a routine pattern. You will make our February or March very busy. And very rich. Loving families widen the circle to welcome one more. And a grandmother’s heart is very elastic; a capacity for embracing another gift from her offspring. I never take it for granted. The birth of a new baby is a holy event. It never gets old. As you are changing from moment to moment, so does this world. We call them seasons of life. Embrace them. Now…before I forget what I am going to tell you, let me get started.

       First of all, your siblings and cousins will be your best friends. And first enemies. Don’t fret….this is normal. Your mom and aunt and uncles will instill you with four distinct philosophies: laugh, love, learn, and live. It will make sense to you later, but rest assured these are lessons no new little one can live without. Your father will shape you with a faith that will guide your tiny feet until they morph into older footsteps. I can only imagine the fun adventures that await you! No matter what anyone tells you, the world is still kind. Good people outweigh those who are without hope. If there is any prayer I would beg to be answered on your behalf, it would be for you to by joyous. Not happy—that is fleeting. But joy abides within one’s soul. It is a flickering flame that nothing can extinguish. As the old poem goes, “Take joy.”

        Your gifts will be many. Personal qualities that are unique and as individual as your fingerprint. I would advise you to use every gift you are given so that when you arrive in Heaven, your pockets will be empty. Hold nothing back. I think this is great advice for a wonderful existence. I practice it daily. Try not to conform to this world; instead enhance it. “There is only one of you for all time. Fearlessly be yourself.” I don’t know who wrote it, but I surely take it to heart. Oh, and when it doubt: giggle.

        There is a quote by Robert Frost that says: “A new baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on.” I have always agreed with this statement. And soon you will be joining this world. There’s an entire realm of wonder called ‘nature’. You will be so amazed! Everything from fur and paws, to gills and feathers. You will gaze up at the moon and nighttime sky and your soul will be dazzled by what is all around you. I can’t wait to explore with you. There is perfection in a dandelion–and don’t let anyone tell you there’s not. This planet is your playground as well as your source of life. One amazing sphere. Much like the womb you are experiencing now. Life is one big circle.

         I do want to share a few more thoughts with you. When you arrive, the country you will call home will have just elected/inaugurated a new President. Ours is not a perfect place on the map, but you will see how incredibly special it is by the folks who risk their lives to be on our soil. I hope that you always vote in every election because your voice may seem small, but it matters. Perhaps one of the first things you will memorize (after your name, address, phone number, birthday, etc.) will be the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’. Say it proudly and wear the label of ‘American’ without shame.

          There is much that you will be given but some highlights will be the language, traditions, customs, and tools that our family will share with you. It is like our very own DNA of everyday life. Then holidays will come along and bring its own special magic. We are like an intimate village set among thousands of others. We are all perfect in our own right, yet the richness emerges when we share and accept people different from ourselves. It is like a quilt; lovely, rich in different patterns, and warmth for the soul. From Valentine’s Day to treks to the State Fair, we will keep you busy making memories and interpreting life from our corner of the world.

         I suppose I am wearing you out. After all, you are busy developing neurons, fingers, eyelashes, and limbs. I hope I haven’t bored you or overwhelmed you. One of my biggest flaws is talking too much. You will learn that soon enough, I suppose. But I just wanted to give you a bit of a tour before your grand entrance. We look so forward to meeting you! Gender does not matter, nor weight, length, or eye color. Your coming will make our lives complete. Until then….grow baby. Your birthday awaits you.